Fan Expo mini-blog, and expanding the TdotComics team

Hey World,

I have to say Fan Expo 2011 was amazing. The lines weren’t too crazy, there was way more space to move around in the dealers room and was all around more people friendly. Things were all around better this year, no pesky fire marshals closing off entrances and exits, the addition on the Image booth is fantastic as well as a second larger eating area. The only upset is something typical of most comic conventions, the Artist Alley the creators of our favorite comics are stowed away in the back of the convention, it just feels like putting baby in a corner.

This year my convention experience was very different from previous years because we were press this year, it meant no dawdling, and no cospalying. It became evident early on in the convention that if i wanted to get from one interview to the other quickly I couldn’t have people stop me for pictures every 5 paces. Also there was no time to line up for autographs or photos, I was all business this year.

Members of the TdotComics Team left to right, Adam Samec, James Cooper, Alice Quinn, Josh Schonblum

So this brings me to look at the future, TdotComics is going strong and we are only getting bigger and better. Within the past year we’ve grown exponentially, we’ve been accredited as press  for Wizard World 2011, as well as Fan Expo 2011. We ran TdotComics’s The BEST Comic Shop Awards, and I co-organized Star Wars Day TO with Sean Ward and Michael Nus. We’ve interviewed the cast of Lost Girl and Fearless Fred. Things are moving quickly and it has become almost too much for us to handle, that is why we are looking to expand our team. We are looking for volunteers who want to become more involved with the comic and geek scene in Toronto, we need writers, artists, photographers, film editors and more. If comics and fandom are our passions we want you on the team, and we will find a place for your skills to shine on TdotComics! Send us a sample of your work – a proposed post, link to your portfolio or anything that showcases your ability and tell us why you want to be part of the team.
Just maybe you will be covering Fan Expo with TdotComics next year ….

Email Alice – [email protected] and don’t be shy!

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